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PES 2010 "Kit Relink Tool 1.2 by Stelios"

Размер файла: 697 Кб
Количество скачиваний: 2063
Дата добавления: 13 ноября 2009 в 23:41
Kits Relink 2010 v1.2


by Stelios |

What's new in 1.2


- Added params support for PC/Xbox360

- Added OF support for Xbox360

- Fixed/added options about front numbers, shorts numbers, back number and fonts

- Added kit colour support

- Added sleeve patch options

- Fixed a couple of things on the interface

What's new in 1.1


- Fixed the opposite GK and players' texture number

- Removed the cv0f slots from last year's version

- Fixed teams' list with all teams available (hidden and ML)



I know there are other people out there (our OF Editor developers) that can do this job much better. But for now, i think a lightweight kits' relink tool for the OF would help on quick patch making for modders on the recently released PES 2010, until the well known OF Editors gets released with relink capabilities. Enjoy...

How to


Simply start the executable and open your PES 2010 Option File or the parameters file (unnamed_13.bin@dt04.img). You will see a list of all teams (hidden included) and their relinked slots on dt0c.img. Double-click on a team to see more information (like fonts/numbers texture number in dt0c.img) or to change the kit texture and some other properties like position of fonts/front number/shirt number.

After changing everything, DON'T FORGET TO SAVE before you close the tool, otherwise you'll lose all progress. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you keep a BACKUP of your Option File before you use the tool.



Programing: Stelios

Relink info: Ninuzzu

Kits options info: PATe.Arminia

Xbox360 testing: Bolloxmasta, Panos



I'd like to thank ninuzzu once again, as his tutorial for PES 2008 relink was my guide for this tool on PES 2009 and, now, on PES 2010. I'd also like to thank all ModdingWay staff for being with us and working for all people on MW Labs. Big thanks to Bolloxmasta and Panos for the DVDs burned in order to test Xbox360 params support! Last, but not least, I'd like to thank WEHellas ( for the support and testing...

Thanks to Ariel for everything...

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